Mission Statement

Daishin Corporation exists to create a better future for the world.

Our Mission

Daishin Corporation strives to create a better future in the following ways:

Affluent Society

Create a more affluent society by filling the gap between supply and demand in the world through trading business.

Cross-cultural Bridges

Foster a mutual understanding between the world and Japan.

Justice and Fairness

Participate towards the resolution of complex situations and conflicts in the world.

Our Strategy

What we are doing every day to create a better future:

Try to impress our clients
by offering better services beyond
our clients’ expectations and
build trusting relationships.

Foster human resources which
become a bridge between the world
and Japan for a mutual understanding
of each other inside and
outside the company.

Contribute a part of our profits to society through donations.

Our Core Values

We try to develop the following mindsets and skills to create a better future:

1. Client Service Mindset

Keep in mind that our happiness is closely linked with the happiness of our clients.

2. Creativeness

Come up with practical solutions with a flexible mindset to lead our clients to be satisfied with our services.

3. Teamwork

Take the initiative in a team to strive to provide impressive services to our clients, while respecting colleagues’ growth and happiness.

4. Efficiency

Always work with promptness, speed, accuracy and considerable care for our clients, as a professional.

5. Making Friends

Build good friendships with many people so that we can help our clients, business partners and colleagues, so everything goes more smoothly.

6. Negotiation Skills

Negotiate wisely on behalf of our clients and partners.
Learn and acquire the necessary skills such as preparation skills, a wide vision, an ability to see the client’s point of view, flexibility, creativity and the skill to control your emotions.